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WC No Fault


NYC WC No Fault

If your employer or their WC insurer tries to deny you compensation after a workplace injury because they claim you acted unsafely, or could not prove you followed the safety regulations, they are wrong and acting against the law.

In New York, there is a no fault WC system in place and you are not permitted to be denied for these reasons.

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Do i need to prove i follow safety rules to get WC?

Worker’s compensation is a no fault system in New York. This means you do NOT need to prove rules were followed or anything else to receive WC benefits.

What does no fault mean for workers compensation?

No fault means that the fault of the worker has no contribution to the eligibility to receive Worker’s compensation. UNLESS it was intentional.

Is New York a no fault state?

YES, for automobile insurance and workers compensation insurance New York is a no fault state

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