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WC Liens


NYC WC Liens

Many of us are familiar with liens which are put on real estate which prevents you from selling the home until the lien is paid.

In the case of workers compensation liens, the WC insurer can stake a claim (a lien) to the compensations that are being paid to you by a third party. These damages payments are won by suing in a personal injury case.


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How large of a lein can workers compensation insurance take?

Workers Compensation is only permitted to take a maximum of 2/3 of what they paid you.

What can workers comp take a lein on?

Worker’s compensation can take a lien on any damages awarded by a third party to reimburse them for what they paid. Even if it was for pain and suffering which they do not cover.

What is a WC lien?

A worker’s compensation lien is where the WC insurer claims a right to payments that are being awarded to you by a third party for injuries which they have paid for.

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