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WC Collections & Billing NYC


Gold & Fox NYC Workers Compensation Firm

WC Collections & Billing


NYC WC Collections & Billing

At Gold & Fox we work tirelessly to gain all compensation our clients have owed to them through collections and billing.

By working with the WC board and various insurance carriers we can stay up to date and work efficiently for our clients.

If you need help with collections & billing for your WC claim contact Gold & Fox Workers Compensation Firm today!


Does workers comp pay all medical bills?

Workers compensation pays all hospital & medical bills related to your injury.

If workers comp is not paying me on time what can i do?

By contacting Gold & Fox Workers Compensation Firm we can collect late payments for you quickly!

Can my credit be hurt because of unpaid medical expenses?

If you were injured on the job then workers compensation should be paying for all related medical bills and your credit cannot be hurt for payments they are supposed to cover.

Gold & Fox NYC Workers Compensation Firm

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