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If you are considered an employee in the state of New York and you were injured on the job then you could qualify for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that for-profit companies are required to have to protect workers who are injured on the job. Since medical bills and loss of income can be very significant, workers’ compensation is vital to the workers’ recovery process. Helping our clients understand how to receive benefits is our goal with this publication as workers compensation lawyers.


The first and most important action to take after a workplace injury is to receive medical treatment. Emergency care workers should be called if you are unsure of the severity and unable to move. Depending on your workplace and industry there might be safety procedures in place or on-site care and this should be used to its full advantage. Many times people are shocked after an accident or fall and great care should be taken.

Notify Employer

Next, you should notify your employer or the accident, within 30 days of the accident. This is not the required time to apply for workers’ compensation, but only for notification. It is important to follow the timeline to not have reduced benefits or possibly miss the window of opportunity for benefits at all.

File a Claim

Next, you should file a claim with the New York workers’ compensation Board with the C-3 form. This officially starts the process and opens the workers’ compensation file. Accurate and up to date information will be needed and having a workers compensation lawyer will be most helpful at these stages. Some insurance carriers will look for reasons to minimize the compensation owed to you and you will need someone to protect your rights. Your treating physician will also need to file a form called the C-4 which is the doctor’s initial report and will be used to determine the extent of the injury.

 After you have submitted the documents to the New York Workers Compensation board then your employer will do the same. They will have reports and documentation to submit to both the board and the insurance provider which will be providing the compensation.

List of Rights

Legally, within 2 weeks of the reports being submitted. The workers’ comp insurance company must provide to you, in writing, a list of your rights. During the entire process, the timeline should be followed closely.


In New York City, Gold & Fox NYC Workers Compensation Firm is the most experienced legal advocate for our injured workers.

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