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Neck pain is something that can affect almost every demographic sector in New York. It is common after car accidents, from poor posture and from sports injuries. But there is another group who are especially susceptible to experience neck injury and neck pain. This of course, are working class workers, particularly in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Neck reason is a major percentage of valid workers compensation claims and workers comp insurance will pay for treatment, physical therapy, medication and lost wages. 

Neck injuries can come about from several different avenues in the workplace.

One reason is from long term stress to the neck. Workers on computers, or who are constantly looking up, or dealing with moving heavy objects can experience neck pain. It might not always come all at once, but over time the pain in the neck will increase, and it is vital to have it treated and file your workers’ comp claim with the help of a local workers comp attorney as soon as possible.

There are also serious accidents that result in neck pain and injuries. One of the most common examples are whiplash from a car accident, but operating any motor vehicle, like forklifts, cranes, tractors, and bulldozers come with similar risks. If there is a sudden stop when the vehicle is moving forward the momentum will force your body to continue to move despite the vehicle stops, and your neck can bear the brunt of the injury.

Physicians who work with workers compensation patients are experts in treating neck pain. You can expect to have x-rays or scans, an examination of the muscle and bones of the neck. And you can be treated accordingly. Many times a physical therapy routine will be developed to help you to reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain. 

The longer the neck goes without being treated the worse the condition will get, which means more time out of work and a more detailed recovery process. If you start to experience neck pain the first signs will be difficulty in turning your head left or right, and headaches can be a symptom. 

If you are experiencing these symptoms you should immediately notify your worksite manager and request the process for a workers comp examination to start the claim. Your lawyer will help in every step of this process. Helping you to get the treatment as quickly as possible. They will also help to demonstrate that the injury occurred at the workplace, and actively represent you so the insurance company pays the proper amount of compensation and at the correct times.

To start your workers’ comp claim process after a neck injury, contact the top-rated workers’ comp law firm of:

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