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Collecting insurance payments for a workers compensation case can be an entirely burdensome process. Workers comp medical billings make up a not-insignificant portion of medical expenditures and of the billing process. 

But being familiar with workers comp collections from billing to treatment is the first action to be better prepared for properly billing and collecting funds from workers comp insurance providers. The second action should always be to consult with an experienced workers comp lawyer for collections and billings

One of the most important aspects is to know the billing codes and processes that are specific to New York. There are different billing codes when you are dealing with workers comp patients and if not billed correctly you can decrease reimbursement or delay it by months. 

Billing ONLY for injuries that were obtained in the workplace accident is not only required but can increase insurance reimbursement and prevent errors in the filings. Patients are guaranteed medical privacy so chronic illnesses or illnesses not related to the injury can not and should not be billed to the WC insurance.

It is not permitted to bill any patient or send a collections agency to collect payment from the injured worker who has an open workers comp claim. This changes the reimbursement process from other patients and should also provide an incentive to bill properly from the start.

If the patient did not mention that he is involved and being treated in a workers compensation claim and the primary insurance provider was already billed, it is the medical practice’s responsibility to rebill to the proper workers comp insurer.

Being familiar with the property forms that must be filed like the CMS 1500 and the first report and injury form allows you to send complete medical packets for reimbursement.

At Gold & Fox NYC Workers Compensation Firm we serve injured workers, employers and medical professionals in billing and collections for workers comp cases. Our focus is on proper billing to maximize compensation from the insurer and to speed up the collection process which is notoriously delayed. We have dealt with thousands of workers comp claims and know the process inside and out.

Whether you are based in Manhattan or any of the 5 boroughs we are dedicated to remaining available by phone, email or in the office to handle your WC claims and billing with dedication and speed.

Call the workers comp legal experts in Downtown Manhattan if your workers comp reimbursements are being delayed or resulting in minimized payments:

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