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A workers comp claim can be no small matter. It involves insurance companies, employers, sometimes coworkers, medical professionals and workers comp attorneys. When a WC claim goes on for an extended period of time it is against the interest of everyone involved. That is why we at Gold & Fox NYC Workers Compensation Firm have created this 3 step plan to manage a workers comp claim in New York.

Proper Planning

Worksites, employers, and employees need to have a proper plan on site, even before the accident or injury occurs. This should include very important topics such as:

  • What the workplace should do in the case of an accident
  • Who should be notified
  • Emergency contact information should be in an easy to find location
  • The location of first aid kits should be known to everyone

If there is no emergency plan and outline provided on the worksite your lawyer can assist in outlining the process of what actions you should take and when. 

Reporting The Claim

Reporting, reporting, reporting! It is in everyone’s best interest. The injured party can begin the workers comp claim process sooner and the insurance provider can process the claim sooner. These are vital because the process is not short. And the longer the employer delays the case the risk of it going longer, and costing more increases

Written testimonies must be recorded for the injured workers, witnesses, managers/supervisors. This is not just for the sake of the claim but to ensure preventative measures can be taken. Also, it helps to determine if negligence was a factor before too much time passes.

New York as does every other state has strict time frames for reporting accidents and injuries, filing claims, adding testimony, medical opinion and can make or break the case.

Legal Representation

Because of the bureaucratic nature of workers compensation claims involved parties should always speak with a competent workers comp lawyer. It can be a nightmare trying to deal with reimbursement, the medical system, insurance system, and file paperwork to the right locations at the right time, and ensure work at the job site continues on with as little interruption as possible. 

Working with a workers comp lawyer that understands claim management can be the best line of defense. With a thorough understanding of the WC claim process, they can keep an open line of communication with the relevant parties that matter most, like the injured worker, the insurance provider, the employer, and the medical industry.

Your workers comp attorney can also handle the investigation process into the claim, ensuring that reimbursement and compensation is accurate and on time. This is vital to the success of your workers comp claim and takes a proactive stance so insurance provides the services and funds it is required to do. Without professional help the entire process can easily be dragged on, taking a turn for the worst.

Based in Downtown Manhattan we proudly serve our local community for all their workers comp claim management with our highly rated legal team, call for your consultation with the top lawyers in the area:

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